Eye-Fi has released its latest wireless SD card which has been designed to make it easier to get images wirelessly from a camera to iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. Designed for those moments when you want to quickly share or edit a photo you've taken on a non-smart camera, the Eye-Fi Mobi easily pairs with connected devices and creates its own Wi-Fi spot.

Wi-Fi SD cards which can transfer images direct from your camera to a smart device are nothing new. The Transcend Wi-Fi cards can do it, as could Eye-Fi's own X2. Where its makers hope the Mobi will differentiate itself from other offerings, is by streamlining the sometimes clumsy and frustrating process.

While some previous wireless SD cards require setting up via a computer, the Eye-Fi Mobi makes the process considerably easier. Users simply download an iOS or Android app, and type in a 10-digit activation code to pair the app to their card. This only needs to be done once, and the same code can be used to pair a card with multiple devices.

Once set up, photographers can use the app to browse images on their nearby Eye-Fi Mobi (which works like any other SD card) and download them to their device to be edited or shared. There's also the option to automatically transfer images from the camera as they are taken, which could be a handy way to back up in case something unfortunate happens to your camera.

Being Class 10 cards, both the 8 GB and 16 GB versions of the Eye-Fi Mobi should be able to keep up with your HD video or continuous shooting. However, it's worth noting that there is no RAW upload support, so if you're looking at a way of transferring those files you'll need to stick with something like the Eye-Fi Pro X2. The same applies if you want the ability to wirelessly transfer images to a PC/Mac.

The Eye-Fi Mobi SD cards are available now. The 8 GB version is retailing for US$50, while the 16 GB version will set you back $80.

The promo video can be seen below.

Source: Eye-Fi

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