Eyez video camera sunglasses shoot 720p

Eyez video camera sunglasses s...
The Eyez are watching
The Eyez are watching
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Prescription lenses can be snapped into the frame
Prescription lenses can be snapped into the frame
Micro USB port for charging and data transfer
Micro USB port for charging and data transfer
The Eyez are watching
The Eyez are watching
Clear and shaded lenses are supplied to cater for all lighting conditions
Clear and shaded lenses are supplied to cater for all lighting conditions
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ZionEyez are a Seattle based company bringing to market a Ray-Ban-like pair of sunglasses equipped with a micro video camera that delivers first person video recording in 720p. There's 8GB of flash memory inside the frame, a micro USB charging and data transfer port and the Eyesz can also connect to a computer via Bluetooth. If only Don Johnson had a pair of these ... those Miami drug lords would have had no chance.

The camera is located in the top right of the frame, nesting inside the eyelet detailing. Made by Omnivision (which also produces cameras for Apple's iPhone and iPad), it records 720p at 30 frames per second and sports a wide angle, fixed focus lens.

A microphone is mounted on the arm of the glasses and sound is recorded in mono at an MP3 quality bitrate of 128kb/s. Video is encoded in H.264.

With the Eyez app, the sunglasses can wirelessly transmit to an iOS or Android device via WiFi 802.11n and stream video to social networking sites. The 350mAh lithium ion battery provides enough juice for three hours of recording and to turn them on you just tap the power sensor on the glasses' arm.

A set of clear and shaded lenses are included which are interchangeable to suit the lighting conditions. The shaded lenses will filter 100% of UVA/UVB radiation. Prescription lenses can also be snapped into the frame if required.

There's a couple of advantages to the approach - unlike smartphones or digital cameras you don't have to hold an arm up for an extended period of time to capture the action and you don't miss out on the live experience as you would when watching through a tiny screen.

ZionEyez is offering a $50 discount on pre-orders for winter 2011 delivery. The price at launch will be US199.

Like the concept but not the style? Maybe Polaroid's Lady Gaga branded take on the theme is more your thing.

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With the exception of undercover work, all on duty cops should be required to wear these with live streaming video.
$200 is a heck of a lot of money for these things. For half that price, you can get these at Think Geek: And they come with a remote control as well! And they play MP3s and have really good battery life! And if you have Think Geek points, you can get them cheaper! I picked mine up for $70!
Bob Humbly
Next step, put a camera in the other arm as well and shoot 3D video.
A changeable battery would be nice.
@ Slowburn: I like the way you think, but it would take a lot of juice for a piece of equipment this small to record and stream a high quality video. It would probably be a lot more practical to have an officer press a button to start recording, and have a minimum video length of ~30 seconds so he/she can\'t just turn it off, and also protect the device\'s memory so nobody can delete something that makes them look bad.
Michael Osborne
Screw the officers- I am buying mine just to record officers. I love the videos busting cops. There have been quite a few recently. One last month had and officer arrest a woman who was iPhone videoing him- because \"he didn\'t feel safe.\" Another incident, in Vegas had a citizen videoing the cops kicking the crap out of a guy. The citizen, standing on his own front lawn was beaten by the cop for videoing him. The police have video in their cruisers, but think they are exempt from being videoed themselves. funny, huh? I wonder why?
Am I the only one seeing the bleeding obvious? Put in TWO cameras to enable 3D video recording.
And forget about batteries, how long does it take to develop some pizo-electric systems?
I have pre-ordered those video glasses more than a month ago, and it was charged immediately to my credit card!!! i have sent 5 e-mails to this company to find out what happen with this order, but never got a reply. Is this a scam? I would not mind, if it was $10.00, but I can\'t afford to lose $165.00
Hello videobug,
Did you received your glasses? If yes, how is it?
Many thanks!!!
Hi betomunoz,
No I didn't receive the long awaited for ,video glasses, I finally got a message from this company, asking me to wait until July 2012 for the delivery of those. That's what happened with pre-order situation with every new company...They have to raise a certain amount of money, before being able to go into production, but what happen if they don't get they goal, by July...another 7 months to wait for?
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