September 11, 2008 FANUC Robotics has introduced the heavy-duty M-2000iA line of robots, designed for handling truck, tractor and car parts. The model which was demonstrated during the IMTS 2008, sets new records for size, reach and wrist strength, claiming the title of world’s largest and strongest six-axis robot.

The M-2000iA/900L can handle a 900kg payload, and has a vertical lifting stroke of 6.2-meters. The M-2000iA/1200 can support a 1200kg payload, and at full strength can handle objects that would previously require two robots. The wrists of the robots are IP67 protected for operation in harsh environments.

The robots operate with FANUC Robotics’ R-30iA controller, the open-architecture system with integrated intelligent functions including vision and force sensing. The IMTS demonstration involved the M-2000iA/900L positioning a tractor frame near an R-2000iB/165F model, which placed randomly piled brackets onto the frame. After being loaded with the brackets, which were held in place by power clamps, the tractor frame was moved near four new ARC Mate 120iC/10L and four ARC Mate 100iC/6L robots. The robots then simulated a coordinated welding sequence, showing how the brackets would be permanently fixed in place, then demonstrated envelope or coordination paths, before starting the process again.

“The M-2000iA is the world’s largest and strongest six-axis robot,” said Rich Meyer, product manager, FANUC Robotics. “It has the longest reach and the strongest wrist – surpassing all other six-axis robots available today. The wrist strength sets a record, but more importantly, allows our customers to move large heavy parts a great distance with maximum stability.”