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Fastap Hindi language keyboard for mobiles

Fastap Hindi language keyboard...
Fastap Hindi Language Platform
Fastap Hindi Language Platform
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Fastap Hindi Language Platform
Fastap Hindi Language Platform

February 20, 2008 Digit Wireless, creator of Fastap keyboard technology, has pioneered a Hindi Language Platform for mobile devices to meet the needs of a growing Indian technology consumer market.

Research conducted in 2007 showed that India is the fastest growing global mobile market enjoying a growth rate of 316% from 2005–2010, with almost 240 million new connections.

The original Fastap technology eliminates "triple tapping" by providing an individual button for all numbers and letters required on a mobile phone, utilizing free space that is usually between the keys on a normal mobile phone keypad. The revolutionary Hindi platform enables the multi-level keypad to contain the full Latin and character-rich Hindi alphabets, in addition to a numeric dialpad on a mainstream form factor mobile phone. The result is a mobile device with a keypad that significantly simplifies text entry in Indian languages resulting in simple discovery, access and use of messaging and mobile data services when compared to traditional mobile phones.

The Fastap Global Language Platform is universal, language agnostic and is compatible with all modern languages. The multi-level Fastap keypad architecture has the ability to support multiple languages with superior ergonomic efficiency. The technology enables a handheld device to have a simple and intuitive interface for both a local market language and Latin-based languages. The platform is also seen as suitable for regional implementations in China, India, Russia and other countries.

Digit Wireless has recently been recognized as an innovator in the Indian market, being named by the HeadStart 2008 Organization in India as one of 2008’s leading innovators of mobile technology entering the market.

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