Flashlight manufacturer Fenix is bringing its lighting expertise to the bike market with plans to launch a pair of bike lights that combine powerful output, low pricing and an established brand name. Some bikers already mount Fenix torches to their handlebars in place of more purpose-built lighting systems but its new bike light line will just give users a more integrated package for lighting up the road or trail with Fenix power.

Fenix will hit the market with two different bike systems, which it previewed at last week's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show with plans to make a more official introduction at Interbike in September. This is because the lights are still in the late prototype stages, and specifications have yet to be finalized.

That said, Fenix's systems should be highly competitive. The flagship light will offer up to 800 lumens of output and four separate lighting modes that will provide ample lighting for off-road use. It will burn for up to three hours on high and use a rechargeable battery pack that takes about two hours to charge. Fenix did not have run times for the lower settings, but like other LED lights, those will be significantly longer. The second light will offer up to 350 lumens of output.

As you can see in the picture, both the light head and battery pack are relatively compact. Fenix showed the lights mounted with handlebar hardware, although it's unclear if helmet mounts will be available at launch.

Fenix's pricing will be competitive with some of the cheapest high-power mountain bike systems on the market. A final price has yet to be set, but Fenix promised that the 800-lumen light will be less than US$100 (that could very well mean $99.99).

We'll have more information and finalized specs on these lights after the official launch.

Source: Fenix

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