Ferrari FXX wins the "most functional design" at NAIAS

Ferrari FXX wins the "most functional design" at NAIAS
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January 17, 2006 Many words have been used to describe Ferrari's products over the years, and these words are usually words such as exquisite, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, inspirational, epic, and a host of other superlatives. Rarely however, is a Ferrari described as functional, but that is exactly the word which has been used not only to describeFerrari's most extreme car, the Ferrari FXX, but it has also won the prestigious Eyeson Design Award as the best example of functional design at the 2006 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS, AKA Detroit Motor Show). Seventeen of the most renowned international designers, including Chris Bangle from BMW, Willy G Davidson, head of styling at Harley-Davidson and Shiro Nakamura, from Nissan, sat on the panel.

The judges awarded the prize to the Ferrari FXX as it was the car that best "expresses the functionality of design as an instrument to reach the objectives for which the vehicle was developed." In other words, the function of the FXX is to be the ultimate car and this it has achieved more effectively than any other car on display!

The FXX is a prototype destined to only 29 of the most loyal and passionate Ferrari clients. The project is part of a special collaborative technical programme between these clients and the Prancing Horse. The 800 horsepower FXX is the most advanced GT ever created at Maranello and its mission is to involve Ferrari’s most valued Clients as genuine Prancing Horse Test Drivers in their own right. The wealth of data and experience gathered in the course of this very special programme will be exceptionally important. Every Client who signs up for the FXX project by purchasing one of the estimated 20 or so cars being built, will actually be joining Team Ferrari, and will have his driving experiences at the wheel of this new car monitored directly by the Prancing Horse’s technicians and specialists. The FXX and the relative package cost a total of 1.5 million euro (excluding taxes) and applications to join the programme are being evaluated by a special in-house committee. Full details here.

The model is the most advanced GT car produced at Maranello and is exclusively aimed at use on the track. It will form a crucial part of the ongoing research and development programme set up with this innovative group of 'client-test drivers'. Details from the car's launch at Bologna here.

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