Some of us might have done it tough financially over the last year or so, but you’ll be pleased to know that not everyone is struggling with the mortgage. U.K.’s Glasses Dealer Guide reports that the very pretty new Ferrari 458 Italia is in such demand that fashion-conscious aficionados are competing to bypass the three-year waiting list by paying more than GBP25,000 (US$39,000) above the GBP170,000 (US$265,000) list price.

British deliveries of the 458 will begin in the summer for those customers lucky enough to be at the head of the queue, and intense competition for the earliest cars is driving prices skyward.

“Clearly the recession hasn’t diminished buyers’ interest in this stunning new model,” comments Richard Crosthwaite, Prestige Car Editor at Glass’s. “It’s not unusual for the first examples of such exclusive sports cars to change hands for inflated prices before the first owners take delivery, but the premium required to bag one of the early 458s is exceptionally high – a reflection of just how desirable it is.

“Ferrari has a long track record of carefully controlling availability – and, therefore, used values – of its smaller models. The 458 is likely to remain in short supply for some time, which will keep it in favor with the fashion-conscious."

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