"A real four door coupe with an adventurous spirit" is the description Fiat provides for its new FCC4 design study. We call it more of a CUV with pickup car-like tendencies. Or maybe just weird. Step inside and see what was on Fiat's mind when penning this strangely shaped vehicle.

Prepared for this year's São Paulo Motor Show by Fiat Design Center Latam, the FCC4 experiments with a hybrid design ethic that spans several styles of vehicle. It starts off simply enough, as the front three quarters take on the role of a sedan set high off the ground to shoot over top any jutting ground hazards below.

Things get stranger in back. From the side, the flat rear quarter and squared-off tail create the appearance of a small pickup bed. This isn't too shocking, given the design is modeled for Brazil, where the ute is a force. However, when your eyes wander up, you notice that there's a set-in rear windshield preventing that square end from working as a bed.

Fiat doesn't really explain why it decided to give us the look of a pickup car without the pickup, outside of saying that the design experiments with "unprecedented and surprising proportions." We might warm to the design more if the glass were hooked up to a retraction system, similar to the one on the Magna Steyr MILA Coupic, letting the owner put that bed-style rear-end to use. But when used solely as a styling element, we can't rouse much enthusiasm.

Moving on from the bulky backside, the FCC4 has a thoughtfully styled front-end that appears to be swooping in to a single point located about five feet in front of the bumper. That look is created by the hood curvature and compact grille. The windshield glass wraps seamlessly around to the side windows, courtesy of the minimized A-pillars, and looks almost as though it ducks below the raised C-pillars to meet up with the rear windshield. The roof enjoys a sporty tilt up until it abruptly gives way to the mash-up rear. The high, squarish wheel arches add a bit more utility vehicle flair.

The 196.9 x 76.4 x 63-in (5,000 x 1,940 x 6,000 mm) FCC4 is painted in metallic blue. It includes LED daytime running lamps and taillights.

Source: Fiat

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