Major automakers come up with pretty cool concepts on their own, but for really "wow-worthy" designs, sometimes you need to pay attention to what the other firms are doing. Take the MILA Coupic concept from Austrian engineering firm Magna Steyr. This innovative concept gives you the hauling capacity of a pickup truck, the family moving comfort of an SUV and the stylish driving enjoyment of a convertible - all from the same driver's seat.

The MILA Coupic is the sixth member in the MILA concept family. It joins past models like the 2009 MILA EV created in conjunction with BMW, and the spider-like 2008 MILA Alpin.

Magna has only released a single picture so far, showing the car in its most basic configuration - a small, five-seat SUV. The company hasn't released powertrain details, but we assume it would feature a capable, all-wheel-drive layout.

With an innovative folding soft-top system, the MILA Coupic joins the small but growing number of crossover convertible concepts. Only this one packs a twist: It incorporates a dual-zone retractable top that allows front and rear passengers to control their respective slices of roof separately - reminiscent of, but more driver focused than, the Maybach Landaulet limousine. The front panel can slide back at the touch of a button, and the rear panel can slide forward or backward. The roof has integrated glass panels to provide an open-top feel even when closed.

The unique, two-layered convertible system is enough to make this concept interesting in its own right, but Magna didn't stop there. The MILA Coupic has electronic folding rear seats. Instead of just increasing trunk capacity, the way the average folding rear seats do, Magna's design turns the rear into a pickup bed that can store large, dirty equipment like bicycles and tools. It's for this reason that the rear roof slides forward, opening up the bed. The system seals the cabin off from the bed so that the dirt and weather remain outside.

We're eager to see some pictures of the Coupic in its various configurations, but we like the idea, and the design looks pretty good for such a versatile car. The raked windshield and fastback-style cabin make for a sporty look (at least from the single angle we've been given). This could actually be an attractive crossover convertible, more so than the Range Rover Evoque Convertible or Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet.

Magna Steyr will debut the concept at next week's Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Magna Steyr