MILA Alpin Concept: compact off-road climbing specialist

MILA Alpin Concept: compact off-road climbing specialist
The MILA Alpin Concept from MAGNA STEYR
The MILA Alpin Concept from MAGNA STEYR
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The MILA Alpin Concept from MAGNA STEYR
The MILA Alpin Concept from MAGNA STEYR
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March 6, 2008 The term compact 4WD can occasionally be a little misleading with some vehicles in the segment lacking the vital statistics required for serious off-roading, but this latest Concept from Austrian based Auto engineering firm MAGNA STEYR looks to have the goods in terms of all-terrain capability with ample ground clearance, large overhang angles, low crawling speed and exceptional climbing characteristics that allow it to scale slopes of up to 45 degrees. A flexible, modular design that can accommodate different types of alternative drives, the MILA Alpin also boasts environmental friendliness with emissions of under 100 g CO2 per kilometer and the ability to run on a hybrid drive using compressed natural gas or CNG - the fuel used in the company's impressive MILA single seater Concept shown at the IAA in 2005.

The 3 + 1 seater's off-road capabilities are rounded-off by by the option of locks in the transfer case and axle drives plus a mid-engine layout that boosts traction, independent suspension and ESP. Attention has also been paid to the MILA Alpin on road handling and comfort with a higher sitting position and large panoramic roof enhancing visibility.

There is also the option of a CNG drive, a hybrid or a small, supercharged gasoline engine.

The MILA Alpin's striking design language is backed by the project's engineering goal of creating an off-roader suitable for both recreation and utility purposes. Its modular design framework is aimed at optimizing flexible, cost-efficient manufacture in low-volume and making it easy to use components and systems from volume production and "mix and match" them with optional extras. MAGNA STEYR has developed the vehicle to be brand neutral so it can be built together with various OEMs. The MILA Alpin - the third vehicle in MAGNA STEYR's MILA concept family - debuted at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

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