It's a safe bet that a fair few architects began their careers by playing with Lego, but Adam Reed Tucker never stopped. The architect by training has created 12 Lego-based works based on famous buildings that are currently on exhibition at Davenport, Iowa's Figge Art Museum.

One of only 11 official Lego Certified Professionals worldwide, Adam Reed Tucker is responsible for creating architectural models that become the basis for new Lego kits. His creations include only the simplest bricks and hinges, so there's nothing stopping anyone else from making something similar. Except, y'know, talent.

"[The project is] all about celebrating architecture and using plastic, interlocking bricks as my medium," says Tucker. "Lego was the easiest three-dimensional medium to use because it doesn't require gluing or cutting, it's self-contained, interlocking, and everyone knows how to snap them together."

The exhibition is dubbed The Art of Architecture and features 12 famous buildings, including Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building (though perhaps not for long). Tucker's Lego Khalifa comprises 450,000 bricks and rises to a height of 17 ft (5 m). Other notable structures in the collection include the St. Louis Arch, the Empire State Building, and the Chicago Spire.

The Art of Architecture also features accompanying black and white photographs by J. Hunt Harris II and will run from February 20 through May 29, 2016 at the Figge Art Museum.

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