When the world takes 3 trillion photos a year there's a lot to lose. Filegear is a new device that helps you organize & share 10,000 photos in under 60 seconds. Filegear connects all of your old drives and devices allowing you access from anywhere, at any time. There's no waiting for files to sync when you're sharing photos with friends thousands of miles away. In, short Filegear turns all of your old drives into a secure personal cloud, all perfectly organized & accessible from anywhere.

Filegear was built by Doug Walter, a veteran of IE 4 & big data issues at Microsoft. Doug helped build the Platforms group at Facebook and has spent the last few years building enterprise data solutions, handling petabytes of data daily for the world's largest companies.

Filegear is an internet-connected device, so when it comes time to access files, users can do so from their computers or smartphones. Filegear also makes it easy to share files via links and emails that allow friends and family to download them. It comes with an app optimized for mobile, which means you can automatically store files on Filegear rather than the capture device to save space, and make sharing a breeze when you're on the go.

Like Dropbox and Google Drive, Filegear offers easily accessible storage, but instead of having your files on another company's servers they live in your home. With the ability to add additional hard drives as necessary, you never run out of storage and there's no monthly subscription fees.

Filegear is currently on Kickstarter and early pledges of US $149 will have the device headed your way in March 2018. The retail price is set at $299. Don't miss Kickstarter pricing, ending Tuesday.

Check out the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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