There are plenty of luxurious cars out there, but there is only one Rolls-Royce Phantom. The current Phantom VII kicked off BMW ownership for Rolls-Royce 13 years ago and, although there's something timeless about luxury cars like the Phantom, it's well overdue for a replacement. As the marque prepares to launch a new flagship, the final Phantom VII has rolled off the production line in Goodwood, looking just as imperious as you'd expect

Although plenty of Phantoms have ended up in the hands of sheiks and rappers, the final flagship Roller has been commissioned by a "renowned" collector, who has turned to the craftsmen in Goodwood for a totally bespoke interior with a nautical theme. The wood trim on the doors features marquetry of a 1930s ocean liner, which is coupled with special stitching designed to evoke rippling water.

Everyone from Bentley to Mercedes has tried to lift the quality of their cabins with a fancy clock in recent years, but few can match the timepieces embedded in the dashboard and rear cabin of the final Phantom. The bezel, which sits clear of the face, can be rotated to reflect 24 different timezones – a feature potentially useful while crossing continents in road-going comfort.

On the outside, the Phantom is finished in "Blue Velvet" paint job with twin coachlines running around its flanks. The tires have also been treated to a set of pinstripes, and the Spirit of Ecstasy on the bonnet is solid silver. We shudder to think what the options cost, but they certainly look fantastic.

Now production of the Phantom VII has wrapped up, the Goodwood factory will switch its focus to getting the Phantom VIII up and running. The new car will be built on an all-new, all-aluminum architecture shared with the Project Cullinan four-wheel drive, and promises to deliver a level of luxury beyond what the current car can manage. We can't wait to see what that looks like.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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