While many women enjoy a relaxing visit to the nail salon, it's an indulgence that not everyone has time for. Additionally, skilled though they may be, most manicurists aren't able to paint photos of kids or pets onto clients' nails. By contrast, Tensator Technology Centre's new Fingernails2Go Digital Nail Art Kiosk can create user-supplied images/designs, and it applies them to users' nails within seconds.

To utilize one of the kiosks, users start by selecting one or more of the supplied designs presented on the touchscreen display (there are currently almost 10,000 choices), or supplying their own via a USB interface.

Next they pay with cash or a card, then place each of their fingers in a tray, which gently pulls it into the front of the machine. From there, a camera assesses the size and shape of the fingernail, after which an HP SI-1100 Thermal Inkjet printer applies the imagery – along with a base coat and a clear protective top coat. The ink used in the kiosk had to be specially formulated, as regular Thermal Inkjet ink wouldn't meet FDA or EU health standards for such an application.

In the case of users who wear false nails, the kiosk can also custom-paint and dispense those on demand.

Tensator should soon be announcing a list of retailers that will be featuring the kiosks. There is currently no word on pricing, although more information is available in the video below.

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