Five years ago, Fishman's TriplePlay controller gave us the opportunity to wirelessly tap into an almost infinite world of digital sounds on our laptop. Now the company has unveiled a new version called the Connect that offers a similar experience for iPad users, though it's not wireless this time.

Like the TriplePlay we reviewed back in 2014, the Connect is a box of electronics with a cable growing out of the top that runs to a MIDI pickup which slots just in front the host guitar's bridge. But the new box of tricks is much smaller than the original, and actually needs to be wired to an iPad running the free-to-download iOS app via the included USB/Lightning cable.

A diverse arsenal of digital instruments and sounds are then put at the player's disposal, as well as the ability to make one guitar become a whole band. Users can blend virtual instruments, add effects, build complex rhythms, create and trigger loops, fire up audio backing tracks, and record, mix and share creations with friends online.

Fishman promises low latency pitch tracking, and the Connect can also serve as a MIDI controller for Mac and PC applications. The Connect is priced at US$229.95, the video below has more.

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