Fisker says it wants to #ReinventTheSUV with a new all-electric SUV model planned for a late 2021 release. It's targeting 300 miles of range, high-end luxury, and a price tag more commensurate with mainstream crossover-SUV models. The SUV will be the first of three planned models, Fisker promises.

The announcement is early and preliminary, of course, and seems mostly aimed towards getting an insight into market response to the idea. Only one photo, the head-on shot shown above, has been unveiled to give an idea of the look of the new SUV. Designed by Heinrik Fisker, whose electric car captured a lot of interest but failed to deliver build quality or profits, the Fisker SUV is aimed towards a more mass-market buyer.

Technology is a major focus of the Fisker SUV announcement, with radar and other sensor elements being placed higher on the vehicle thanks to the elimination of the need for a grille. The parametric lower portion of the front fascia creates a dynamic appearance and allows for some air cooling ducting as needed.

Fisker promises an "open air" experience in the SUV's design, though what that is exactly is anyone's guess. It could mean a convertible top, a panoramic roof, or a very large sunroof design. It could also refer to the side sills, which may have no center column for roof support, allowing for a single open window front-to-back when all the windows are rolled down.

There will be a head-up display on the dashboard, Fisker promises, and an intuitive user interface for in-vehicle technologies. That is the extent of the announcements for tech that Fisker has made thus far.

The Fisker SUV will be a large-sized unit offering four-wheel drive thanks to two motors, one on each axle. An 80+ kWh lithium-ion battery pack will provide about 300 miles (483 km) of range, Fisker says. More details are coming towards the end of 2019, with a prototype showing promised. We guess that will be at or around the Los Angeles automotive show coming in November.

The Fisker SUV follows the EMotion luxury sedan shown late in 2018. The SUV will be more affordable and another model is being promised, this one as a more mainstream offering compared to that sedan. Fisker has patented a solid-state battery technology that will be used in that EMotion car.

Source: Fisker