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Fitness cards break the monotony of exercise

Fitness cards break the monotony of exercise
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November 20, 2004 FitDeck, a new cardgame developed by a former Navy SEAL, enables the creation of your own random fitness workout by simply shuffling the deck and performing up to 50 exercises pictured and described on the card faces. The novel approach to fitness introduces the element of fun and breaks up the monotony of standard exercise regimens.

FitDeck, developed by former Navy SEAL Phil Black, is based on a pushup game he played with his roommates at Yale. The deck provides over 3 million possible exercise routines.

"People crave variety, fun and a little competition to stay motivated," says Black, who did strictly pushup workouts with a standard deck for over 10 years before creating FitDeck. "Every workout is different - which keeps your body and mind fresh."

FitDeck consists of only "body-weight" exercises - which require no equipment or special machines. Cards are color-coded by upper, middle, lower and full-body exercises. Each card contains suggested repetitions for three fitness levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced. "Wild Cards" introduce an element of fun and surprise to the workout.

"Information Cards" provide instruction on proper warm up, cool down, and stretching. Cards are carried in a convenient neoprene case that clips to clothing for easy access during workouts.

FitDeck offers a simple and effective path to fitness, retails for US$18.95 and is available at

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