Charging devices is, for many people, just a part of their daily routine. We have smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable game consoles, and all kinds of other devices that need some juice. With that in mind, there's no shortage of devices that aim to make charging easier and more efficient. A new player in the game is the FlexCharger, a versatile device that can charge five things at one time – and it does it in style.

At its core, the FlexCharger is just a device that allows you to charge five things at once, and that's useful in and of itself, but it's the extra features and goodies that make this thing stand out from the crowded charger market. One useful feature doesn't even pertain to charging, and that's the Wi-Fi repeater, which lets users extend the range of their Wi-Fi network.

The device plugs directly into a wall outlet, and users jack their devices into it from there. There's a dock on top of the FlexCharger, along with a retractable 6.6-foot (2-m) cable, a short 3.9-inch (10-cm) tray cable, and wireless charging for devices that support it. The fifth charging options comes from the USB 3.0 port on the bottom, which allows users to plug in their own cables and charge anything that doesn't work in the default options. The front of the charger folds down, allowing users to run the cable through the opening, creating a second docking area strong enough to support the weight of a tablet.

The cables come with microUSB heads, with the option of putting Lightning adapters on top for iPhone and iPad owners. The back of the device has a little storage nook for holding said adapters, which will let users maintain the clean look.

All of the charging ports are rated at 8.4 amps, which promises to give it enough power to handle all kinds of devices while also charging quickly.

For travelers, there's exchangeable power adapters that allow FlexCharger to be used around the world.

There are more affordable models for buyers not interested in the wireless charging or Wi-Fi repeater, as well. The FlexCharger W/R is the full model with all of the options, while the FlexCharger W drops the Wi-Fi repeater and the FlexCharger S drops that and wireless charging.

The FlexCharger team is seeking funding on Indiegogo. It started with a modest US$10,000 goal, and it has passed that in a short period of time. There's a range of early options for backers to preorder, but the final price for the FlexCharger W/R comes in at $149. The team intends to ship devices to backers in October.

Check out the pitch video below to see the device in use.

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