Water is essential to bring along - and drink - during long workouts. Yet cleaning water bottles between uses sometimes doesn't happen. It's hard to get in those long, tall bottles and feel you've gotten all the germs out. The FLEXR Sports Bottle is a new bottle that uses a biodegradable, collapsible liner to ensure the bottle is clean and ready for use.

The FLEXR Sports Bottle uses a BPA-free, biodegradable liner to hold water. This liner is similar to what's used in some baby bottles, which collapse as liquid is emptied from the bottle. One benefit of the water remaining near the top of the bottle is that you don't need to tilt it upside down to get liquid out. The cap also uses a patented one-way jet stream valve that further helps drinking without having to tip the bottle up, meaning that when you're riding your bike you can drink without tilting your head up and taking your eyes off the road.

The replaceable liner addresses several issues that affect sports bottles. First and foremost is that using a new liner means the bottle is free of bacterial build-up. A liner also prevents staining and aftertaste that sometimes hangs in bottles after a lot of use.

FLEXR offers its sports bottle in a range of sizes, including a 28-ounce aerodynamic bottle, a 21-ounce bottle with a neoprene insulating sleeve, a 16-ounce ergonomic bottle and an 8-ounce bottle each cost about $10.95. A pack of 25 liners for the 28-ounce bottle goes for $4.95 at FLEXR Sports.

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