The Flip-N-Drip is a lightweight, compact coffee maker from camping equipment manufacturer Brunton that makes it dead simple to brew a hot cup of joe while you’re out in the backcountry. Simply boil water in the carafe, attach the filter and mug, and flip the whole thing over. In about 10 minutes you’ll be sipping your favorite java blend.

If your idea of roughing it means packing a blender and an air mattress with a built-in nightlight the Flip-N-Drip may be the perfect addition to your camping gear. The coffee maker is less than 12in. (30.5cm) long, under 4.5in. (11.4cm) in diameter, and weighs 1lb (0.5kg) so it is easy to pack. The carafe and double-wall mug are constructed of stainless steel, and the reusable filter unit is BPA-free plastic.

With a capacity of 16oz (0.5l) you can brew two cups if you feel like sharing. Brunton says you can also use the Flip-N-Drip to make tea, prepare freeze-dried foods or to mix your favorite “adult” beverage around the campfire.

The Flip-N-Drip will be available in February, 2010, at an estimated price is USD$45.

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