Designed for the utmost portability, designaffairs studio's FLYM folding portable speakers are made for any device with a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack without need of additional power.

Only a prototype at this stage, the technology that grants FLYM its wafer-thin (well, almost) form is a film speaker less than a quarter of a millimeter (or one hundreth of an inch) thick - a dimension that sounds suspiciously like the device might employ Warwick Audio Technologies' film speaker technology - if not, it's something similar.

In use, FLYM is locked into place using by a magnetic latch, but afterwards it can be folded almost complete flat, so that, judging by the product shots, the cable jack is actually one of the widest parts of the device.

Though the proof of the pudding is in the listening, designaffairs claims that FLYM produces a "full and rich directional sound" - a claim that is at least matched by those made for film speaker technology.

Though the product shots show a tantalizing array of colors, don't expect a commercial launch just yet, as designaffairs appears to be a design agency specializing in bleeding edge proofs of concept.

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