Focus Firestore FS-100 records HD video streams in the field

Focus Firestore FS-100 records HD video streams in the field
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July 16, 2007 Slowly but ever-so-surely, leading edge digital tools are democratising the motion picture industry. The tools used by Peter Jackson, James Cameron and Francis Ford Coppola and other big screen directors are becoming available to the common man. First Panasonic's HVX200 P2 Handheld Camera-recorder put the first cost-effective highest def tool in place and now the tiny portable Focus Firestore FS-100 takes it one step further by recording DV/DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50 or DVCPRO HD video streams via FireWire while in the field. The FS-100 offers real-time back-up to the HVX202’s P2 cards and extends the overall recording duration by 100 minutes. Considering that 16GB flash cards hold just 15 minutes at the highest resolution, the FS-100 is a significant enabling technology regardless of its bargain-basement US$2,000 price tag. Hi definition video production is now affordable and set to thrive in the world of the one-man-shooter.

Though optimized for use with the Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 camera recorder, it can also be used with any Panasonic DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50 or DVCPRO HD equipment featuring an IEEE-1394 interface. It records DVCPRO HD or DVCPRO 50 in Panasonic's widely supported P2 MXF format or DV/DVCPRO in up to 10 different native NLE file formats.

Users can then connect directly to a Mac or PC to edit content directly from the FireStore or ingest clips to P2 supported applications -- eliminating the need to digitize footage. In DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO 50 mode, clips are recorded to disk in the MXF P2 format. In DV and DVCPRO mode, users can choose from the most popular NLE formats including Avid OMF, QuickTime, Canopus AVI, Matrox AVI and more.

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