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Fold-Up Trailer saves valuable space

Fold-Up Trailer saves valuable...
Lifetime Fold-up Trailer
Lifetime Fold-up Trailer
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Lifetime Fold-up Trailer
Lifetime Fold-up Trailer
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Trailers are extremely useful items when you need them. When you don't, which for most of us 99% of the time, they can be a storage nightmare... after all, how many urban dwellers have a spare 5 x 8 foot patch in their backyard or garage that couldn't be used for a better purpose. Lifetime's folding trailer design solves this issue by significantly reducing the storage space needed. When you're done carting loads for the weekend, the trailer folds to just 29 inches wide in a process that takes only 90 seconds.

The design consists of a galvanized steel bed with a central hinge. Remove the end gates, turn a crank handle to operate the folding mechanism and the wheels come together to form a tight A-frame shape which can be slotted beside the house or along a garage wall. An assist wheel helps the folding process and the removable gates can also be used as ramps.

Tie-down loops are located both inside and outside and the Light Kit has no exposed wiring to reduce the chance of your brake lights or indicators malfunctioning (the bane of many trailer owners),

The Lifetime Fold-up Trailer comes in 3 sizes - 5X8, 5X6 and 4X6 - with the largest model rated to carry 1,500lbs. All use a 2" ball and 12" Tires with silver rims. Prices are around the USD$1500 mark.

The Trailer was last year Awarded Bronze in the IDEA Design Awards.

Via Business Week / Lifetime.

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Joe Bingham
I really like the fold-up trailer concept but they have got to start doing this for utility trailers in Ontario. That would be so cool!
Conveniently no mention of the trailers Net weights. Should be listed as Net/Gross. As our vehicles and its engine size keeps getting smaller, we buyers NEED to know.