Plastic food containers like Tupperware are great for storing leftovers, but when it comes to stowing away the containers themselves there is no avoiding wasted space and misplaced lids. So UK-based inventor Ben Strange is hoping to tidy up your cluttered kitchen cabinet with a container that folds up flat inside its lid.

Simply dubbed FoldFlat, Strange calls his clever container a coming together of Tupperware and origami. It has a capacity of 1.6 L (54 oz) and is 65 mm (2.55 in) deep, but each end is embedded with strategically-placed folds that allow it to be squashed down into a slim package when not in use. When needed again, simply removing the lid sees it pop back up to its full-size.

When flat-packed, the container measures only 21 mm (0.82 in) from top to bottom, which is no thicker than a typical paperback, so it should be easy to slot away inside a cupboard or a bag once you're finished chowing down on its contents.

Strange says the BPA-free container is watertight and microwave- and dishwasher-safe. He has filed patents and developed working prototypes of FoldFlat, and is now looking to crowdfund its commercial production.

With an Indiegogo campaign kicking off on November 3, Strange is looking to raise £70,000 (around US$108,000). Available with white and turquoise trimmings, early pledges will start at £13 (US$20) for a single container.

You can hear from Strange in his pitch video below.

Source: FoldFlat

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