San Diego city officials have revealed some initial details concerning a planned new NFL stadium that will be home to the San Diego Chargers. Still subject to final approval, the stadium boasts a capacity of 68,000 seats and features a design that draws inspiration from the local area.

Due for location on a 166 acre (16 hectare) site in Mission Valley, San Diego, the stadium was designed by international architecture firm Populous. In addition to hosting amateur and professional sports, and its ability to host a Super Bowl, the stadium would also play hold commercial and cultural events.

It includes public spaces, a fan park, a corporate hospitality area, a VIP atrium and multiple clubs, suites, and entertainment facilities, plus a hall of fame.

The stadium design features deliberate gaps in its structure to allow those nearby the stadium to look inside, and for those inside to gaze out. Its design also draws inspiration from the local landscape and features a "kinetic skin" that moves when the wind blows, recreating the sound of the ocean. A Populous rep told us that this skin would be made from aluminum or stainless steel and may be perforated. The facade, meanwhile, would feature stone or stone veneer.

"A new stadium means new opportunities," says San Diego Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer. "This is an opportunity to replace an aging facility with a world-class sports and entertainment complex that's an asset to our community, and to forge a new agreement with the Chargers that's a better deal for taxpayers over what we have currently."

Further progress on the stadium will be subject to voter approval, with the San Diego Union-Tribune reporting a planned US$1.1 billion budget.

Source: Populous via Arch Daily

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