The Ford F-150 Raptor is one of the most impressive pickup trucks out there, but it's not the most impressive piece of modern machinery wearing the "Raptor" name. The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is quite clearly the superior technological tour de force. We're sure Ford wouldn't argue, and it's even dedicated an all-new F-150 Raptor to the fighter with shared name. The one-of-a-kind pickup will be auctioned off at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh later this month.

Back in 2008, Ford designed an F-22 Raptor-inspired Mustang to auction in support of the EAA's youth programs. The car sold for US$500,000 and began the tradition of Ford building annual one-off EAA auction Mustangs, which have raised a total of more than US$3 million.

For its 10th vehicle in the series, Ford breaks with tradition. It's circled back to the F-22, but with a very different design that traded the Mustang base for the Raptor super truck.

We think the F-22 Raptor F-150's one-of-a-kind, aeronautical-inspired styling would be enough to pull in a nice figure at auction, but Ford hasn't stopped with just some silver and gray paint and a graphics package. The Ford Performance Team has reworked the mechanicals to create an even more insane, off-road-dominating ride.

And where else could you start such a tune but with the EcoBoost engine that largely defines the newest Raptor? Ford pulls nearly 100 extra horsepower out of the Raptor's 3.5-liter V6, sending a total of 545 horses galloping out to the custom wheels and tires. A set of upgraded brakes with bright-red calipers brings those wheels to a stop.

In a fleet of Ford pickups, it's always easy to pick out the Raptor thanks to the "FORD"-stamped grille. The F-22 Raptor F-150 builds on this defining feature, keeping the general shape and mesh styling of the grille, but trading out the Ford lettering for a head-on depiction of the F-22 jet. The work is subtle enough that it looks like a logo or simple design from a distance, but reveals itself as the F-22 when you get a closer look.

The Raptor's other big front-end tell – its rugged skid plate – gets some subtle red highlighting, matching the reds that weave through the rest of the design. Other visual touches that pop out in the photos and video include illuminated F-22 graphics on the side-view mirror caps and carbon fiber fender flares and vent slats. The off-road LED light bar up top adds to both the truck's off-road readiness and presence.

There's also mention of some suspension tuning and a special interior with purpose-built audio system.

The regular Raptor isn't cheap, but it will likely look that way once the final price of the one-off auction truck hits the books. Ford's really knocked this design out of the park, and if the 2016 Ole Yeller Mustang's $295,000 auction price is any indication, the new truck should raise a nice chunk of change.

Take a closer look at the F-22 Raptor F-150 in the video below.

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