Not content with the fleet of cars it showed off last week, Ford has expanded its SEMA lineup to include a pack of hotted-up hot-hatches. Along with a faster Fiesta, the Blue Oval's stand will include four Focuses with bolder bodies, more powerful motors and bigger stereos.

Tucci Ford Fiesta

It might be the smallest car on Ford's stand at SEMA, but what the Tucci Fiesta lacks in size it makes up for with attitude. The standard bodywork has been replaced with a custom widebody kit with 3D-printed vents, finished in a special shade of pearl white. Sitting on dished five-spoke wheels and heavily lowered suspension, it looks seriously mean.

Tucci has made sure the car's got a bite to match its bark, too, strapping a Full-Race Turbo Kit to the standard 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine. The uprated motor breathes through a custom exhaust and Borla muffler, and power is put to the front wheels through a Mountune limited-slip differential.

To make sure the chassis can handle the extra power, there are six-piston brakes and stiffer swaybars, along with a Mountune suspension lowering kit.

Blood and Grease Focus ST

In standard trim, the Focus ST is fun and reasonably fast, but the Blood & Grease Garage has much bigger dreams for it. The standard 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine has been fitted with a new air intake, intercooler and catch-can, along with a fresh ECU tune to back it up. It breathes through a Flowmaster exhaust, aptly labeled American Thunder.

From the outside, the car has been fitted with a (relatively) subtle bodykit and dished wheels, which hide a new coilover suspension. Inside, there's a new steering wheel and an bigger stereo, whilethe driver sit on trimmed in leather and Alcantara seats.

Cinemotive Focus ST

The Cinemotive Focus ST prioritizes style over performance, with a smattering of Mountune bolt-ons the only addition under the hood. Instead of chasing big power gains, the team at Cinemotive has fitted fender flares, a deeper front valance and bigger rear diffuser, along with 18-inch chrome wheels.

Attached to those shiny wheels is a new BC Racing coilover suspension, and new camber arms at the rear help give the car a more aggressive stance. Inside, there's a new steering wheel and gearknob, along with a more powerful audio system.

Full-Race Motorsports Focus RS

The stock Focus RS wasn't exactly lacking in power, but that hasn't stopped the team at Full Race Motorsports from giving it a thorough working over. A new twin-scroll turbo kit, which includes a new intercooler, charge pipes, cold-air intake and three-inch exhaust system, should provide a handy hit of horsepower to the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, and an upgraded front differential will help put that punch to the road out of slower corners.

Also helping the car's handling is a set of Finspeed 19-inch wheels, wrapped in sticky Toyo Proxes R888 tires.

In keeping with the performance-focused ethos of its mechanical package, the team at Full Race has also completely reworked the RS interior. A four-point rollbar has been bolted in, as have five-point racing harnesses to keep drivers in place on the track.

Roush Performance Focus RS

Roush is best known for its work turning average Mustangs into fire-breathing monsters, so it's no surprise to hear it has taken the 2.3-liter EcoBoost in the Focus RS up to 500 hp (373 kW). Interestingly, there's no word on exactly how it has managed to extract so much extra power from the little engine, but Mountune has already proven simple ECU tweaks can extract big gains from its turbocharged engines, so that's what we'd be betting on.

Backing up the big power boost is a new three-way adjustable suspension kit and slotted brake rotors, while the Roush TrakPak adds a bit of drama to the exterior.

Focus RS by Stanceworks/H&R Special Springs

The Stancework/H&R Focus RS has been designed to evoke memories of famous rallying Fords. A European-spec front splitter and rear diffuser replace the standard US-spec units, and the whole car has been finished in a special livery for a bit of extra race cred.

Although it looks good, there's not a whole lot going on under the skin. A short-shift kit makes it easier to bang through the gears, and coilover springs sit the car lower on its OZ Racing wheels, but they're the only changes of substance to the standard package.

Source: Ford

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