Having a truck powerful enough to haul trailers doesn't necessarily make maneuvering with trailers any easier. Ford's new 2017 Super Duty pickup, however, has up to seven cameras that feed into Trailer Reverse Guidance and 360-degree view systems to give drivers help when backing up.

Trailer Reverse Guidance is said to allow drivers to see more angles around the truck when reversing, and is able to coach drivers through maneuvers with real-time guidance. Three high resolution cameras are used for the system – one on the tailgate to track the motion of the trailer and two on the side to alter the view as trailer angles change.

As the driver reverses, they are provided with visual cues and tips on the in-cab display, such as an icon that indicates which way to turn the steering wheel in order to reverse in a straight line and color-coding to show whether or not a reversing angle is ok or too tight.

Up to four additional cameras are available to the driver, including one on the front grille, and another at the center high-mounted stop lamp at the rear of the cabin that looks out over the cargo box (and is helpful for hitching gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers). There's also the option of mounting a camera to the rear of the trailer to provide views behind it.

The 2017 Super Duty is due to go on sale later this year. The video below provides an overview of the system.

Source: Ford

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