Despite the constraints of the site, Foster + Partners has designed a new Danish headquarters for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, the design of which is both striking and tailored for the firm. The 39,000-sq m (420,000-sq ft) triangular building will be located on the Copenhagen waterfront with views of Malmö and the Swedish coast.

The site is actually in Kastrup, on the outskirts of Copenhagen and adjacent to the Øresund crossing to Malmö. The building sits on a water-bordered stone triangular plinth, which informs its shape. The plinth provides a defense against floods and has street furniture and landscape elements integrated into it.

In contrast to the sturdy stone plinth, the building itself will be a glass structure that appears to rest lightly atop it. The glass will allow the building to be filled with natural light and provide panoramic views from all six floors. The structure will also expand upwards, with each higher level cantilevered out to further capitalize on the surrounding views and to provide shade for the floors below.

Inside, there is a large atrium that houses an entrance lobby, a café and a break-out space, as well as catered conference facilities and space for social events. A feature staircase and glass elevators provide access to the upper levels of the building.

The design for the interior layout was based on research into how Ferring works as an organization. "For such a significant project it was vital that the building reflected the personality of the organization and that it would create a collaborative and flexible working environment to carry them through the next century," explains Foster + Partners' Grant Brooker, who led the design.

Among the design elements that were informed by this approach are workspaces tailored to the company's specific requirements, such as offices and laboratories positioned around its edges to take advantage of the views and natural light for quiet, individual work. Collaborative meeting spaces, meanwhile, are positioned around the building's center so as to give it an animated core.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the new HQ was held yesterday and it is due for completion in 2019.

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