Chinese Photographic Accessory Designer FotoPro is best known for its range of tripods, but is diversifying with some equally innovative products released at Photo Fair Thailand. The pick of the bunch is a lightweight accessory pack designed to turn the iPhone 5 into a photographic kit.

We've seen a steady stream of products devoted to helping get the most out of the photographic capabilities of the iPhone. The FotoPro "Master Kit" aims to bring an all-in-one solution to the table that goes beyond add-on lenses. The kit is comprised of a protective case for the iPhone 5 with tripod and flash mountings for the other accessories in the pack: a Bluetooth-controlled flash, three lenses (X12 telephoto, wide angle, and fisheye, with both the wide-angle and fish-eye converting to macro lenses), a miniature tripod, a miniature monopod and a Bluetooth remote control.

The remote control is actually very useful, as taking a photo with a smartphone involves pressing the screen, which can compromise the quality of the image. The remote takes camera shake out of the equation, and it makes for a great deal more flexibility when using the tripod for self images of groups shots that you wish to be included in. It's also very handy for using a long monopod as an extension arm (though this isn't included in the kit) for those occasions where you need to get up above the crowd .

The Master Kit, including the iPhone 5 case, costs around $200. We'll update you on availability when we know more.

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