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FreedomPop brings free 4G data to iPod touch and iPhone users

FreedomPop brings free 4G data...
Making a call using FreedomPop's iPod touch case
Making a call using FreedomPop's iPod touch case
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Making a call using FreedomPop's iPod touch case
Making a call using FreedomPop's iPod touch case
The FreedomPop iPod touch case with device inserted
The FreedomPop iPod touch case with device inserted
A rear view of the FreedomPop iPod touch case
A rear view of the FreedomPop iPod touch case
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The iPod touch is more or less an iPhone without the phone functionality. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, it can do most of the same functions as the iPhone. However, Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, and without it, the touch loses some important functionality. FreedomPop is launching an iPod touch case for US$99, that brings free 4G data to touch owners.

Users only need to pay the initial cost of the case. There are no monthly fees associated with using the data, provided usage does not exceed the limit. Each gigabyte over the limit comes with a $10 fee.

FreedomPop offers 500MB of data free to start. Users can earn an additional 500MB a month for referring friends. Obviously, this is not enough data for a heavy internet user, but it should suffice for performing basic tasks. When compared to AT&T, this turns out to be quite a good deal. The closest data plan AT&T offers provides 300MB of data for $20 with a $20 overage charge for each additional 300MB. Even if you do not invite a single friend to FreedomPop, you still get 500MB free or 1.5GB for $10. AT&T’s next plan offers 3GB of data for $30. If you spent that much with FreedomPop, you would end up with 3.5GB of data.

There is no contract associated with using FreedomPop’s network. The service can be canceled at any time for individuals not interested in using the free data anymore. The company is also offering full refunds for any device returned within 90 days of purchase.

FreedomPop is also bringing a similar case to the iPhone. The price of the case and allowances for data are the same as the iPod touch version.

Both the iPhone and iPod touch models also serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight other devices. Of course, users will need to be careful with this due to the relatively low amount of free data available.

The service is not available everywhere in the United States yet, as the 4G technology that powers the device is still relatively new in the U.S. FreedomPop has a form on its website that allows you to check availability in your area. The form requires an email address so the company can send updates on when the case will be available in your area.

This service is only available in the United States for the time being. FreedomPop is taking pre-orders on its website now.

Check out the video below for more information.

Source: FreedomPop Website, AT&T Data Plans via Dvice

First look at the FreedomPop iPod Touch Sleeve

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I NEED THIS FOR ANDROID. Would easily pay $200 for it. It's a great idea, too. Any plans to bring the platform to the samsung galaxy player?
Ching Chong Bling
chinese has developed this for 3G before and there's one for 4G for sure ( )
Cool. I wish my iTouch hadn't crapped out after only one year. Dead as a door nail. I guess I'm more of an Android fan than an i guy.
warren52nz - A year? Walk into an Apple Store during off-peak hours a take it up to the Genius Bar. Or call ahead and make an appointment. Wait time when they're busy can get pretty long. They may just replace it.
My middle school aged nephew made a not-so-wise trade of his 2nd or 3rd gen iPod Touch for a broken 4th gen, that was, in retrospect, probably stolen. His Mom took him to the Apple Store and they traded it. That probably was because he could say in all honesty that he didn't steal it and he could point out his mother. Not only that, but switched his name as owner (it was still under warranty). Another time, they traded my 3rd gen Ipod (not Touch) for a refub after warranty.
It's worth a shot! One nice thing about selling over priced products is they can afford to be generous. :)