Anti-crease campaigner Tony Higson has finally reached the end of his product development journey, and is now getting ready to release the Freefold garment transport system. Designed to help ensure a snappy business suit stays sharp while on the move, the foam former has been treated to a new textured feel, has been made lighter and now comes with a roll-top waterproof dry bag.

Higson's campaign against the commute crease began when he noticed that new clothing arriving at the retail store he managed would inevitably need to hit the ironing board for a spruce-up before going on display. His first dip into the garment protection pool landed him a spot on the BBC's Dragons' Den to pitch his Suit Commute prototype. Looking at the often large, heavy and expensive suit carriers already on the market, he then began work on the Freeform system.

The (roughly) chest-shaped, market-ready version is slightly different than the pre-production prototype we covered last year. The storage area for folded trousers, and straps for securing items in place, have made it through to the new Freefold, but Higson has trimmed some of the fat to bring the 42 x 27 x 8 cm (16.5 x 10.6 x 3.2 in) recycled EVA foam system in at a lightweight 560 g (20 oz). It works much the same as the prototype, however, and instructions on how to use the system are printed on the included sleeve.

An inflatable version has also been designed that tips the scales at 200 g (7 oz), but this is currently only being offered to corporate clients as the kind of branded gift given out at trade shows.

Freefold is available for pre-order now for £39.99, including free delivery in the UK. The price for buyers on mainland Europe is £45.98, and for those elsewhere it's £49.98 (about US$77), but again, shipping costs are included. Higson expects the first batch to be sent out by the end of September.

An optional water-resistant 50 x 32 x 10 cm (20 x 13 x 4 in) CTS Messenger bag is also available on limited promotion, which has room for paperwork, a tablet or Ultrabook and dress shoes as well as the Freeform system.

The video below introduces the system, and demonstrates how it's used.

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