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French Designer ETUD previews Scooto

French Designer ETUD previews ...
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French design and engineering studio ETUD Intégral will be displaying its Scooto at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. A mix between a scooter and a car, this vehicle is a realistic vision of a new alternative transport. Powered by clean energy, it is the ideal answer to 'intermodality."

This 'micro urban' vehicle is a vision of a new alternative transportation concept. With dimensions of only 2.4m by 1.4m, it provides the possibility of transporting three people (one adult and two children) on four wheels, and protected by a canopy. Easy to handle, and powered by clean energy (gas or electric), it is proposed as the ideal answer to 'intermodality', connecting with other methods of transport.

The company sees the emerging road-going quad category of efficient, low weight and high performance vehicles as a viable new generation of alternative vehicles for urban transport. The advantages of a two-wheel urban type scooter are size, manoeuvrability and economy. Etud believes the Scooto has all the advantages of a car with comfort, safety and available passenger space of one to two. Storage space is also available. "Our aim is to attract the widest range of customers, we need to create a machine with a strong personality, avoiding any association with the buggy, and not a pale imitation of an automobile".

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1 comment
Will, the tink
Can you imagine how expensive that canopy would be to replace if broken? Not realistic. Different companies keep popping up with these small concept 4-wheel cars which is a good step in the right direction but still cannot be imported to America. Make them fully enclosed, front wheel drive, and only one wheel in the back, then they can be imported as motorcycles if under 1500lbs!