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Frevola T7A treadmill offers training and gaming

Frevola T7A treadmill offers training and gaming
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Frevola T7A treadmill is designed to keep you motivated and amused while working out
Frevola T7A treadmill is designed to keep you motivated and amused while working out

Sometimes exercise can be a real drag… you know it’s good for you but it can be so boring. There’s a lot of high-tech exercise equipment out there but even with an entertainment screen do you still find that your eyes glaze over and your feet slow down? Luckily, advances in technology equate to improvements in gym equipment. Take the Frevola T7A treadmill for example. It offers so many entertainment options you could find yourself working-out all day. It includes a 17-inch LCD touchscreen for playing games, a choice of avatar that moves at your speed, a virtual trainer and the ability to compete in some real-time racing with your online friends.

The Frevola T7A treadmill was selected as the VIP Asia 2010 Product of the Year by Aving, and its game-based exercise and entertainment content is designed to keep you amused and motivated while you work out. You can watch an avatar that mimics your speed whilst you navigate through a virtual landscape. Or if you’re feeling particularly energetic, join the online marathon contest, featuring the same environments as the Boston and London marathon courses. You may choose to play your favorite game or watch TV on the large touchscreen.

The treadmill is designed to make you feel as though you were at one with the machine – when you walk forward it automatically speeds up and if you walk backwards it automatically slows down. You can customize your workout, obtain personal exercise data analysis and advice and also save your personal training preferences. And when you’re not exercising on it, you can use it to watch a photo slideshow…shame it can’t fetch an after work-out beverage as well!


Other features include USB connectivity, stereo speaker and headset with the option of wireless headsets and a gaming and workout program. It has a built-in virtual trainer and supports MP3, WMV and DivX media. The maximum user weight for the commercial model is 180kg (396lbs), it has an incline rate of 0-15% and a speed of 0.1-21kph (0.06-13.05mph).Check out the Frevola in action here and see the Frevola website for more details.

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