Photographers using Fujifilm's X100 and X100S will soon be able to get closer to the action, without getting closer to the action, after Fujifilm revealed a tele-conversion lens for the popular cameras. The TCL-X100 attaches directly to the front of the retro-styled shooters and increases their focal reach by a factor of 1.4x.

With APS-C sized sensors and 23-mm lenses, the X100 and X100S normally have a fixed focal length equivalent to 35-mm in 35-mm-format. But now, following on from its WCL-X100 wide angle conversion lens (which offers a 28-mm equivalent) Fujifilm is adding to the versatility of the cameras by introducing the TCL-X100, which gives a 50-mm equivalent focal length.

Attaching around the fixed prime lens of the camera, the TCL-X100 uses four glass elements in four groups to deliver high image quality and retain the original optical characteristics, even at F2.0. It also has a minimum working distance of 14 cm (5.5 inches), uses Fujinon’s Super EBC coating to reduce ghosting and lens flare, and has a 67-mm filter diameter. Unlike some teleconverters, the TCL-X100 doesn't adversely impact auto-focusing speed.

After mounting the lens, users who have installed the latest firmware can select the Tele-Conversion Lens option in the shooting menu to get the most out of their new glass. This means that the camera will automatically apply the correct image processing to reduce image distortion and chromatic aberration for in-camera JPEGs. When using the optical viewfinder, icons display the edge of the frame, while the electronic viewfinder automatically adjusts to give a 100 percent field of view.

Though the TCL-X100 has been designed to blend in with the X100 and X100S, and is being manufactured in Japan using the same materials, textures and colors, it undoubtedly makes the compact cameras considerably less compact. It measures 46.5 mm (1.8 inch) long, has a 70 mm (2.8 inch) diameter, and weighs in at 180 g (6.4 oz).

The TCL-X100 will be available in black or silver by the end of May, when Fujifilm will announce how much the lens will set you back.

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