Fujifilm has announced a new firmware update for its X-T1 mirrorless camera which offers significant enhancements, particularly when it comes to autofocus. New Zone and Wide/Tracking modes, which now use 77 points across a wider area, should make moving subjects easier to capture, while the camera also gains Eye Detection AF, a new Auto Marco mode and a number of other enhancements.

The new firmware for the X-T1, which was initially launched in January 2014, follows on from previous performance-enhancing updates for the camera which landed in December 2014, and shows how manufacturers can now improve a camera after its release. This time around the highlight of the Ver.4.00 firmware is undoubtedly the improvements to autofocus capabilities and performance.

In addition to its 49-single-point autofocus system, a Fujifilm X-T1 running the new firmware will also boast new Zone and Wide/Tracking modes, which use 77 autofocus points across a wider area. Zone mode lets users select a 3 x 3, 5 x 3 or 5 x 5 zone from the AF points to significantly improve focus performance when shooting moving subjects. Wide/Tracking mode makes it easier to maintain focus on subjects moving across the frame either vertically, horizontally, or back and forth.

Other AF improvements include boosted accuracy with Single-point AF, along with the addition of an Eye Detection AF which automatically detects and focuses on human eyes, and an Auto Macro mode which means users no longer need to press the Macro button when shooting close-up. Autofocus is also now said to be more natural and smooth during movie recording.

The new firmware also enhances Shutter Speed Dial operation, allows the use of the Exposure Compensation dial while shooting in the Manual exposure mode with the ISO Auto setting, and displays finer lines on the optional framing grid to enhance visibility. The Silent Mode has also been renamed to "Sound & Flash Off" to avoid confusion.

The firmware update will be available from late June, when it will be able to be downloaded from the the support pages of the Fujifilm website.

You can check out some of the new AF features in the promo video below.

Source: Fujifilm

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