At the PMA 2010 convention Fujifilm’s theme was “Expand the World of Imaging”. The company took its theme literally, announcing 18 different camera models across their digital and film product lines. From compact digital point-and-shoot models to a folding medium-format film camera, Fujifilm unveiled a broad array of new and updated technology including Fujinon optics, HD movie capability, facial recognition (for humans and pets), and 3D imaging.

FinePix digital cameras

Fujifilm’s mainstay line of FinePix digital cameras received the most updates. Although none of the changes are groundbreaking, the updates are quite extensive. The cameras feature Fujifilm’s newer EXR sensor technology, wide-angle zoom Fujinon optics, image stabilization, face recognition, pet detection, and HD movie capability.

FinePix S-Series

Fujifilm added two new models to the FinePix S-Series line of large zoom “bridge” cameras: the S1800 and S2550HD. Both cameras feature a 12MP sensor and an 18x wide-angle optical zoom (28-504mm equivalent). The cameras also offer a 3.0in. (7.6cm) LCD with electronic viewfinder, and the ability to take HD movies (720p). The S2550HD includes a mini HDMI port to make it easier to connect to a home theater system.

At the high end of the DSLR-alternative line, Fujifilm is offering the FinePix HS10. The HS10 features a 10MP sensor and a 30x (24-720mm equivalent) twist-barrel manual wide-angle optical zoom lens. The camera features Fujifilm’s triple image stabilization, high-speed shooting modes, and full 1080p HD movie capability. The triple image stabilization combines a mechanically stabilized sensor with high-ISO sensitivity and multi-frame digital stabilization to minimize blurring. The HS10’s electronic viewfinder sensor automatically switches picture composition between the viewfinder and the LCD screen when you withdraw your eye from the viewfinder. The camera also features a mini HDMI output.

The FinePix S1800 has a retail price of US$229.95, and the FinePix S2550HD has a retail price of US$249.95. Both cameras are available now. The FinePix HS10 will be available in April 2010 at a retail price of US$499.95.

FinePix F-Series

The new addition to the compact F-Series is the FinePix F80EXR, which boasts a 10x wide-angle optical zoom lens (27-270mm equivalent) plus a 12MP sensor. The F80EXR is housed in a metal shell that measures just 0.9in. (2.3cm) thick. Features include facial recognition, pet detection, and 720p HD movie capability. The unit has a 3.0in. (7.6cm) LCD and a mini HDMI interface.

The FinePix F80EXR will be available in April 2010 at a retail price of US$299.95.

FinePix Z-Series

Fujifilm’s line of style-conscious compact cameras received two new models: the FinePix Z700EXR touch screen camera and the FinePix Z70.

Fujifilm says the FinePix Z700EXR is the first of a new line of touch screen digital cameras. Available in black, red, or silver the Z700EXR combines a stylish design with a 3.5in. (8.9cm) touch screen LCD, a 12MP sensor, and a 5x optical zoom lens (36-180mm equivalent). The Z700EXR senses the camera’s orientation and automatically adjusts the user interface orientation. The dual image display splits the screen to allow you to view multiple images.

Fujifilm also introduced the FinePix Z70, which is equipped with a 12MP sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens (36-180mm equivalent), and a 2.7in. (6.9cm) LCD. The Z70 also features one-touch HD movie recording (720p) with automatic upload functions to YouTube and Facebook.

The FinePix Z700EXR and Z70 are available now with retail pricing of US$279.95 (Z700EXRF) and US$149.95 (Z70).

FinePix XP-Series

The new FinePix XP10 is the first of Fujifilm’s new ruggedized digital cameras. The company calls the camera “four proof”, meaning it is waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof. The camera is essentially a redesigned FinePix Z33WP, and sports a metal body with an easy to grip finish. The XP10 offers a 12MP sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens (36-180mm equivalent) with a reinforced lens barrier, and a 2.7in. (6.9cm) LCD. The XP10 also features one-touch HD movie recording at up to 720p.

The FinePix XP10 is available now at a price of US$199.95. An accessory kit including an adjustable float strap, protective silicone skin, and a neoprene sports case is also available.

FinePix J-Series

Fujifilm announced four new models in what it considers its ultra-compact line of digital cameras, the FinePix J-Series. The JV100, JX250, JZ300 and JZ500 all have a newly redesigned body style, and offer a range of features (and prices) for different budget needs. Each model has a metal body with a 2.7in. (6.9cm) LCD, and all are HD movie (720p) capable.

The array of features for the new J-Series models includes:

  • FinePix JV100: 12MP sensor, 3x optical zoom lens (37-111mm equivalent); digital image stabilization; smile and blink detection
  • FinePix JX250: 14MP sensor, 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28-140mm equivalent); digital image stabilization; smile and blink detection
  • FinePix JZ300: 12MP sensor, 10x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28-280mm equivalent); dual image stabilization
  • FinePix JZ500: 14MP sensor, 10x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28-280mm equivalent); dual image stabilization; facial recognition and pet recognition
The FinePix JX250 will be available in April 2010. The other J-Series models are available now. Pricing for the cameras is JV100: US$129.95, JX250: US$159.95, JZ300: US$199.95, and JZ500: US$249.95.

FinePix A-Series

Fujifilm also announced two new additions to its budget-conscious A-Series line of compact point-and-shoot digital cameras. The FinePix AV100 and AX200 both feature a 12MP sensor and a 2.7in. (6.9cm) LCD, as well as HD movie capability, automatic scene recognition, and face detection. The AV100 offers a 3x optical zoom lens (37-111mm equivalent), while the AX200 offers a 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28-140mm equivalent). Both cameras run on standard AA batteries, making it easy to power up when you are on the go.

Both A-models are available now. The FinePix AV100 is priced at US$99.95 and the FinePix AX200 is priced at US$109.95.

FinePix Real 3D photography system

Fujifilm also had their FinePix Real 3D system on hand at the PMA 2010 show. We covered the 3D camera and display system
last year, but since its announcement in September 2009, the 3D market has been buzzing with new products and announcements. Fujifilm’s W1 camera sports dual 10MP sensors, each with a 3x optical lens (35-105mm equivalent). Fujifilm says they are developing alliances with other manufacturers to bring next-generation imaging technology to market.

Instax instant film cameras

On the non-digital side of the house, Fujifilm announced three new models of its professional and consumer instant film cameras: the Instax 210, the Instax Mini 25, and the Instax Mini 7S.

The Instax 210 is the company’s newest commercial-grade instant camera, and uses Fujifilm’s Instax Wide Instant color film to produce instant images in a wide picture format. The Instax 210 features an automatic adjusting flash, retractable lens, and a close-up lens adapter. The Instax 210 also has an electronic shutter, two range-selectable shooting modes, and an LCD control panel.

The new consumer model is the Instax Mini 25 instant film camera, which produces credit-card size instant prints on Fujifilm’s Instax Mini instant film. The Mini 25 has three exposure modes: auto mode for dark settings; fill-in flash mode for flash in both bright and dark settings; and landscape mode. The Instax Mini 25 also includes a detachable lens for shooting close-ups and includes two shutter release buttons for vertical and horizontal shooting.

Also for consumers, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S (introduced last year) is a compact instant film camera with four selectable shooting modes.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 25 will be available in the second quarter of 2010. The Instax 210 and Instax Mini 7S cameras are now available for around US$95 (Instax 210) and US$75 (Mini 7S).

Medium-format film camera

Fujifilm also unveiled its GF670 Professional medium-format folding film camera. The GF670 is aimed at professional film photographers for studio, portrait, or landscape use. The GF670 Professional incorporates a foldable design that features dual-format shooting at either 6 x 6in. (15.2 x 15.2cm) and 6 x 7in. (15.2 x 17.8cm) using 120 or 220 roll film.

The GF670 is equipped with a Fujinon EBC 80mm lens, a coupled rangefinder, and an exposure compensator. The film camera features aperture-priority automatic and manual exposure modes, as well as manual shutter speed control and an automated aperture priority setting. Fujifilm says the electronic leaf shutter is “whisper quiet” and offers speeds from 4 to 1/500s. The camera includes bulb with flash sync at all speeds.

Fujifilm’s GF670 Professional medium-format camera will be available in the second quarter of 2010 with a reported price of around US$1800.

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