Fujitsu's new wireless outpatient registration and information system has just been launched. Should a user need to visit a medical center operating the system, slotting a chipped-card into a special device will wirelessly register the outpatient and provide information about a scheduled appointment, where to go and what wait time can be expected.

The Outpatient Information Solution sees a visiting patient using an IC-equipped registration card. This is slotted into a card holder that wirelessly links up with Fujitsu's HOPE/EGMAIN electronic medical record system to automatically register the user's arrival. The device incorporates a color electronic paper display which offers patient-specific appointment details, advises the place in the queue and gives detailed directions to the appropriate examination room. If the patient stays within range, there's no need to stay in a stuffy waiting area or crowded corridor – any peaceful and relaxing spot will do.

When the time comes for the user's appointment, the card holder gives both physical and visual notification and guides the wearer to the appropriate consultation area using the building's patient navigation system. Upon arrival, the system also offers medical center personnel access to patient information such as details of previous visits and some medical information or patient history. The process can be used from automatic check-in through to the consultation itself and onto payment before leaving the medical center.

Fujitsu began testing the system using 50 cards at Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Clinic in July 2009. Four hundered patients were involved in the trial to verify in-use, low-power performance and operational cost savings, wireless transmission performance and quality of the information distribution service from the point of view of clinic staff and patients. Some 95 per cent of those using the system found it helpful, which has helped towards verifying the feasibility of the solution.

There's no word on pricing as yet but Fujitsu expects shipping to start from February 2011. Anyone interested in previewing the technology should head to the Hospision booth at the International Modern Hospital Show 2010 in Tokyo, which starts on July 14 2010.

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