Four years ago, startup Future Motion hit Kickstarter with an odd take on last mile urban mobility called the Onewheel. As its name suggests, the electric skateboard of sorts rolls along on a single chunky wheel in the middle of the deck. A faster and quieter ride followed last year, and now the company has more than doubled the range of the original for the upcoming Onewheel+XR edition.

The new flagship transporter has been treated to an on- or off-road electric range of 12-18 miles (19 - 29 km), which is reported to be the result of a new battery system using Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) cells that allows for much more range without piling on the pounds.

"Range is about freedom," enthused Future Motion's Jack Mudd. "With XR, you don't have to think about how far you can go on a charge. Go where you want, worry less. It's really arrived as a tool for transportation, but more so it's a blissful stress-free experience."

The company is also promising more power, more torque and a higher performance ride, though the top speed of 19 mph (30 km/h) is the same as last year's model. As with all flavors, XR riders don't need a remote to control travel. They simply lean forward to move and accelerate and lean back to slow down and stop.

After dark rolling is helped along by LED lighting and riders can tweak settings, as well as record and share rides with friends, by using the Onewheel app for iOS and Android.

Future Motion reports that a team of XR riders is attempting a 3-day, 300 mile relay from Palm Springs to Las Vegas to show that the new flagship is "built for going places and big adventures." In the meantime, you can check out the promo video below or visit the company's CES booth for a closer look if you're passing.

The Onewheel+XR is up for pre-order for US$1,799, which certainly isn't the cheapest electric skateboard on the market by a long stretch – but it could well be one of the most unique. Shipping is expected to start in March.

Product page: Onewheel+XR

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