China's L & A Design Group has created plans for an iconic pedestrian bridge projected for Wuxi Xidong Central Park, in Jiangsu, China. The bridge will connect the north and south foreshores of the park, and includes a man-made island in its design. The island will offer pedestrians commanding waterfront views and the opportunity to relax and enjoy the surrounding gardens or tea room facilities.

The design of the pedestrian bridge features smooth and dynamic lines, incorporating an S shape which creates a bridge with a "twist" and a strong visual focal point. With its flowing lines, the L & A Design team envisions that the structure will reflect the importance of Wuxi Xidong 's relationship with water.

Ramp access points lead to the lower deck of the bridge, which forms the island and offers maximized views of the lake. Visitors can enjoy the views underneath the shaded canopy zones or cafe leisure facilities and surrounding gardens. The bridge will provide visitors with a traffic-free passage into the city center, whilst also permitting boats to pass underneath.

The L & A Design Group's construction plans will see the use of lightweight steel structures, light colored outer panel skins and polished timber detailing. At night the bridge can be lit up and during the day visitors can enjoy some sunshine, taking advantage of the several relaxation zones and bench facilities.

Source: ArchDaily

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