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Fuugo aims to blend mobile TV and social media

Fuugo aims to blend mobile TV and social media
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Here's a fun application from CES 2011 that allows users to centralize broadcast television, mobile TV and internet TV all in one place. Fuugo is a video content aggregator application from Axel Technologies that runs on a wide range of devices, including mobile platforms.

According to the company, Fuugo is an appropriate media solution for any mobile device with a screen size between 3 and 24 inches. While it has support for most operating systems (Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OSX, Android) the Fuugo interface is optimized for touchscreens making it an especially intriguing media app for tablets.

The experience has been kept simple however, so that users can intuitively navigate regardless of what device you're Fuugo'ing on.

Fuugo has wisely built in support for sharing your activity on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, as well as retrieving related content that you might like in an effort to help you discover new stuff. Videos that you like can be favorited or saved to a queue, which is certainly useful if you don't want to watch right away.

Anyone who has been using Boxee will be familiar with this type of functionality, though it will be interesting to see how it is executed by Fuugo.

The service will also allow you to discover content via search, querying video services that have been pre-integrated into the system. Fuugo can also record and download content -- which could be very awesome, but it's also potentially risky depending on the approach.

Fuugo is currently in the first beta testing phase, with a focus on broadcast TV. While it's still in the early stages, we're certainly delighted to see another exciting way to experience video entertainment.

See the demo video below for more information about Fuugo.

Fuugo TV product release at CES 2011

Richie Suraci
This I have to try and see how well it works....I love watching shows on my cell phone or computers...
Will, the tink
Went to Axel Technologies website and clicked on products but Fuugo is still vaporware and has not been released yet! 01/30/11