The winners of the 5th annual Fine Art Photography Awards span a huge variety of categories, but all share a sense of creative spectacle delivering everything from incredible landscape vistas to astounding architectural abstractions.

As with last year's competition, the two major Grand Prize recipients represent some of the least interesting winners in the contest. Instead, digging into the massive trove of category winners and nominees, we've uncovered an array of truly astonishing images.

The very broad contest is split between professional and amateur competitions, each divided into 20 categories covering Architecture, Travel, Nature, Abstract and Cityscapes, just to name a few.

This spectacular collection encompasses everything from abstract drone photos to microscopic images of crystals. Other highlights include shots of lightning from the cockpit of a massive cargo plane, trippy renderings of futuristic architecture, and incredibly majestic landscape shots.

Take a look through our gallery for all the highlights in this impressive and large photographic competition.

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