GalleryPlayer offers HD Art and Photography to Residential and Commercial Customers

GalleryPlayer offers HD Art and Photography to Residential and Commercial Customers
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July 28, 2005 It was only a matter of time before someone started offering high resolution art and photography for display in homes and offices. GalleryPlayer has announced GalleryPlayer Media Networks, a service that displays fine art and photography on high resolution displays in homes and offices via Video On Demand (VOD) and the Internet. Viewers will also be able to build and store their own personalised collections or play-lists via DVR.

GalleryPlayer Media Networks, currently in a VOD trial with a major cable operator, has begun market tests with its collection for linear broadcast channels.

With GalleryPlayer Media Networks, cable and satellite companies can tap into a vast array of content to create customisable and/or localized VOD and linear HD broadcast channels for their viewers including: fine art, travel, science, nature, sports and entertainment.

GalleryPlayer provides access to the images of National Geographic, The Time-Life Picture Collection, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Corbis, George Eastman House, Artist Rights Society, and other major museums, brands and collections.

GalleryPlayer Media Networks programming can be instantly configured for any size display without any loss of resolution, presentation or image.

GalleryPlayer Media Networks had its initial entry into the consumer market through a premium partnership with Microsoft to deliver its service to the worldwide installed base of Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) systems, and will be available on all Windows XP platforms in September.

GalleryPlayer Media Networks includes proprietary and patent-pending HD technology systems and tools used for scanning, developing, curating, protecting, building and delivering high impact HD images. Its proprietary technology includes a comprehensive DRM (Digital Rights Management), which protects the intellectual property of the imagery for content owners over the internet

View gallery - 8 images
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