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GameBone Pro game controller for iPhone

GameBone Pro game controller f...
The GameBone Pro (Image: 22Moo)
The GameBone Pro (Image: 22Moo)
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The GameBone Pro (Image: 22Moo)
The GameBone Pro (Image: 22Moo)

With the ever-increasing number of games available for the iPhone and iPod Touch through the App Store it seems many users find the devices an acceptable gaming platform. One of the major downsides for gamers though is the lack of any real physical buttons. 22Moo is looking to provide mobile gamers with a solution in the form of the GameBone Pro, an OS 3.0 compatible, 8-way D-pad, 6 button game controller that connects to an iPhone or iPod Touch via Bluetooth or Apple’s 30-pin dock connector.

Getting its name from its doggy toy bone shape, the GameBone Pro also features a built-in speaker and 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is powered by a 2000mAh Li-ion battery, which can also be used to provide your iPhone or iPod Touch with additional power when connected via the 30-pin dock connector. 22Moo has also announced they are working on a clip-on rotating "I" stand that will allow the GameBone Pro to be attached to the iPhone / iPod touch while in use.

Australian-based 22Moo are hoping to release the GameBone Pro by mid September 2009 and are currently taking suggestions for a price for the device. An interesting approach, but we doubt the GameBone Pro will be priced at $1 when it eventually hits the shelves – no matter how many people suggest it.

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