Today, Garmin announced its latest fitness-oriented smartwatch. The Forerunner 935 seeks to capture an uncommonly thorough range of activity data and automatically analyze it to provide insights on training and performance. It's aimed at runners, swimmers and multi-sport athletes.

The watch goes beyond basic fitness tracking parameters like heart rate, steps and distance by pairing with either a heart rate-monitoring chest strap or Garmin's new Running Dynamics Pod, a waistband clip that tracks advanced metrics like cadence, ground contact, ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio.

Garmin's Running Dynamics Pod

Once the data is gathered, the Forerunner 935 works with its companion app to analyze the effectiveness of your training plan. Tools like Training Status, Aerobic Training Effect and Anaerobic Training Effect shed light on whether you're working too hard – or not hard enough. In addition, the Training Load tool compares your weekly activities to the optimal range for your fitness and training history.

The Forerunner 935 can also track activity-specific data. During cycling, for example, it tracks dynamics like power zones and time seated vs. standing. During a swim, it tracks stroke, pace, personal records and more.

While this volume and depth of data might be overkill for the average wearer, the Forerunner 935 (plus the requisite accessory of your choosing) aims to provide near professional-level data and analysis to serious, data-minded athletes.

According to Garmin, the watch offers up to 24 hours of battery life in GPS mode. Its companion app is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.

The Forerunner 935 is available in black for US$500. A yellow strap variant is available as part of a $650 bundled package, which also includes heart rate straps for use during swimming or triathlon workouts and an additional watch strap. The Running Dynamics Pod sells separately for $70.

Source: Garmin

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