We've seen video doorbells before, that let you see who's at your door via an app on your smartphone. We've also seen smart door locks, that let you digitally control who is allowed to enter your home. Gate Labs has now combined the two in one device, in the form of its Gate Smart Lock.

The Gate lock incorporates a deadbolt cylinder, and replaces your existing deadbolt lock – reportedly in just a few minutes using two screws. It then connects to your home Wi-Fi network.

Whenever a visitor subsequently presses the lock's call button (i.e: its doorbell), or even if they just approach the lock and trigger its motion detector, you will be notified about it wherever you are, via the Gate Door App on your smartphone. You can then engage in a two-way video conversation with the person – using the lock's built-in camera, mic and speaker – and remotely unlock the door to let them in if they seem trustworthy.

While the Gate lock does have a traditional key slot, it also has a numerical LED keypad that lets users unlock the door using a passcode. One-time passcodes can be issued to people such as couriers dropping off packages, while time-bracketed passcodes (which are good for multiple successive days) can be given to houseguests who need access when you aren't home.

If you're interested in getting a Gate Smart Lock, it can be purchased via the link below for US$349.

Source: Gate Labs

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