Since Samsung's Gear VR launched in December, owners have been limited to a group of free apps, games and "experiences" (most of which were demos). Starting today, though, US-based owners of the virtual reality headset can buy paid apps – opening the door to more full-blown games.

When we first reviewed the Gear VR, we noted how many of the virtual reality apps were just short demos promising a full version "coming soon." Starting today, we finally get to see some of those full versions, with these paid games already available:

  • Bandit Six (WWII flying game) - US$3
  • Darknet (cyber-puzzler, previously free) - $10
  • Dreadhalls (first-person horror) - $5
  • Esper (puzzler) - $5
  • Gunner (space shooter) - $4
  • Protocol Zero (first-person stealth) - $5
  • Proton Pulse (brick-braking arcade) - $3
  • Nighttime Terror (arcade defense) - $4
  • Romans from Mars (arcade defense) - $3

That should give Gear VR owners, including those using the new version with the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, lots more to play with. It also makes the Gear VR (which still has an "Innovator's Edition" suffix) a bit less aimed at developers and early adopters, and a bit more of a full-fledged consumer product.

For more on the Gear VR, you can hit up Gizmag's full review and our impressions of the launch titles from back in December.

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