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GEL-BOT system provides energy AND hydration during endurance sports

GEL-BOT system provides energy AND hydration during endurance sports
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March 23, 2006 The GEL-BOT water bottle system for endurance athletes is clever. It’s a sports bottle that provides access to both water and energy gel in one container and is hence perfect for cycling, running, triathlon or any sport where peak performance requires extensive refuelling and hydration. Athletes worldwide agree on the effectiveness of energy gels, but the combination of cumbersome packaging and the immediate need for water makes them difficult to use during activity. With GEL-BOT, athletes can drink water and imbibe energy gel from one bottle. The gel is housed inside the ENERGY-CORE, a piston-like device attached to the water bottle cap that is filled with gel before activity. It’s just the thing to enhance the high-tech persona at the gym too! Amazingly, the same company produces an interesting waterbottle and coffee press combination, presumably for geeks and sports where you aren’t penalised for a high caffeine blood level.

To eat the gel, simply squeeze the bottle with the cap valve pressed in. To drink water, pull out the valve and squeeze, just like any standard water bottle. No more fumbling with foil packets and leaky gel flasks, and no more having to slow down to refuel.

GEL-BOT holds up to 24 ounces of water and 3.2 ounces of energy gel and is available at GEL-BOT.

This is the second product released by ventureDESIGNworks, a privately held company that designs innovative, user- focused products and services. The Press-BOT is essentially a coffee press designed to fit inside a wide-mouth Nalgene water bottle. Gone are the days of carrying a separate container for brewing your coffee or tea. PRESS-BOT allows you to use your water bottle as a coffee pot and make a quality cup of joe no matter where you are!

The PRESS-BOT design is actually equally as innovative as the GEL-BOT and our understanding is there’s a third product in the wings from venturedesignworks – any guesses?

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