Some drivers still refuse to wear seatbelts on the grounds that they "can get stuck in the car if it becomes submerged in water or catches on fire." For those people, there's now a new product called the GDC Hook Knife – it's designed to sit on a keychain, and can be used to remove a seatbelt in seconds.

The design of the knife emphasizes stealth, so it just looks like an inconspicuous keychain. The main use is for safety in the event of a car accident, but it has plenty of other uses as well – such as for fishing, camping, and around the house for opening envelopes or boxes.

GDC Hook Knife's blade is two inches (51 mm) in length and weighs about a quarter of an ounce (7 grams). Users place their finger in the circle, put pressure on the back, and cut as they would with any other blade. The blade comes with a small sheath to protect users when not in use, and the blade snaps right back in there in seconds when not in use.

GERBER, the company that makes the Hook Knife, sells it directly on its website for US$11.

Source: GERBER via Core77