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Believe it or not, this GERBER keychain is actually a pocket knife

Believe it or not, this GERBER keychain is actually a pocket knife
The GERBER GDC Hook Knife
The GERBER GDC Hook Knife
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The GERBER GDC Hook Knife
The GERBER GDC Hook Knife

Some drivers still refuse to wear seatbelts on the grounds that they "can get stuck in the car if it becomes submerged in water or catches on fire." For those people, there's now a new product called the GDC Hook Knife – it's designed to sit on a keychain, and can be used to remove a seatbelt in seconds.

The design of the knife emphasizes stealth, so it just looks like an inconspicuous keychain. The main use is for safety in the event of a car accident, but it has plenty of other uses as well – such as for fishing, camping, and around the house for opening envelopes or boxes.

GDC Hook Knife's blade is two inches (51 mm) in length and weighs about a quarter of an ounce (7 grams). Users place their finger in the circle, put pressure on the back, and cut as they would with any other blade. The blade comes with a small sheath to protect users when not in use, and the blade snaps right back in there in seconds when not in use.

GERBER, the company that makes the Hook Knife, sells it directly on its website for US$11.

Source: GERBER via Core77

Bruce H. Anderson
I can't believe that old saw about being under water or in a fire is still getting traction. If a vehicle caught on fire or was under water there has been some major stuff going on previously (unless you believe in spontaneous combustion/immersion). And the purpose of a seat belt is to keep you in a position where you will be able (conscious, for example) to unfasten your seatbelt, rather than being bounced around the interior of the vehicle like beads in a baby's rattle. But the Gerber unit is cool, and looks useful.
Ormond Otvos
Can you cut plastic handcuffs with it?
I wear the seat belt but it does not mean that not wearing a seat belt can't be an informed decision. Poorly fitting seat belts kill and maim. Also if the drivers door gets T-boned by a high speed motorcycle the seat belt holding the driver in place increases the chance of the car driver being killed or injured.
Ben Mullison
Because finding your silly little ring knife will be so much easier than pressing the button on your seat belt.
I kind of wish they'd show use the blade.
re; Ben Mullison
I was in a minor accident the three people in the car not wearing seat belts removed themselves from the car without incident I had to cut the seat belt because the latch deformed just enough not to work.
Charles Barnard
It's true, standard seat belts have anything, under exactly the wrong circumstances they are less safe than not having them...but these are very rare. Belts are designed to help you survive the crash...if ou don't survive the crash, the risk of being trapped is irrelevant....
Actually, FINDING this in a crash is fairly easy--it'll be in the ignition, much easier to find and get than one in your pocket or loose in the vehicle.
Ideally, you install a proper 4-point harness in place of the standard 3-point.
As an EMT I've seen a lot of accidents and it;s true--it IS easier to get out of a car w/o a belt. It's SO easy that unbelted people are often many feet away from the car just after impact. It's also true that many of them go directly to the morgue afterwards.
Looks like this knife would also double as a skinning knife...useful for road-kill...
There is a video at the Gerber site. Hook knives are really handy little gadgets to have around. $11 doesn't seem outrageous and Gerber usually makes quality stuff.
Wait until you try to take it on a plane...
A couple of years I bought a set of 3 scissors at Target for $ 5.00. It included one letter opener which also double as a sharpener. Looked very similar to the gizmo above. I am pretty sure that it can cut through any seat belt of plastic handcuffs.
What might be a good idea is to make seat belts like what they have in suitcases. Two looped belts come across from 2 corners each and have a simple interlocking mechanism that can be release with a very simple push on the centre protrusion. This would be at around chest level of a passenger/driver. It wouldn't matter if the retraction system was damaged / locked.
Great for getting rid of those damn ankle monitors. Seriously, every one of our cars has a keyless ignition, and that feature is becoming standard equipment on more models every year. I don't know, just hang the thing, along with your fuzzy dice, from the rearview mirror.