With up to 45 mph (72.4 km/h) of speed potential on both land and water, the Gibbs Quadski is one of the most playful amphibious vehicles in the world. With a price tag of around US$40,000, buying Quadskis for the whole family is an expensive – maybe impossible – venture, however. Gibbs is now making it easier for additional riders to get in on the fun, with the new two-seat Quadski XL.

Gibbs has stretched out the 128.3-inch-long (326-cm) Quadski by just under a foot (30.5 cm), making room for the second seat on the XL trim. A driver and passenger can now enjoy a unique land-and-sea ride on a single Quadski.

Despite adding 104 lb (47 kg) of weight, the extra capacity doesn't slow the Quadski XL down at all. According to Gibbs, it is capable of the same 45 mph land and water speeds as the original one-person Quadski. Power comes from the same 140-hp BMW Motorrad K1300 four-stroke inline four and sequential transmission combination. The engine sends power to the rear wheels on land and the Gibbs jet drive on water. The vessel transitions between the two modes at the push of a button in about five seconds.

The Quadski XL's ground clearance has decreased by 0.3 in (0.8 cm) to 8.6 in (22 cm). Other XL build specs remain identical to the one-seater. The dual-skin composite monocoque is planted on 5.5J x 12 wheels. The ride is cushioned by independent coil springs and hydraulic dampers, and it comes to a stop with four-wheel disc brakes. The track width remains at 55.5 in (141 cm).

Gibbs introduced the Quadski XL earlier this week and is preparing to start shipping in the US and global markets. It did not respond to our request for pricing information.

Source: Gibbs

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